Roseys incredible foursome

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Roseys incredible foursome

Rosey, was a 45 year old, married lady whom I made the acquaintance of through a mutual friend. She stood five /feet/">feet eight tall and although what would be commonly referred to as a bbw figure, her largish breast had very responsive nipples. She was a very /lady/sexy-lady/">sexy lady with some really wild friends. She related this tale to me as one of her hottest times.

She met her friend, Stephen at a service station. Where he told her he had something really special for her to watch, hinting about some real live action. They drove for around forty five minutes, finally arriving out side a standard looking house that would not have stood out anywhere in England. Rosey still had no idea what was in store for her, as they entered the house.

No sooner had they arrived than Rosey had to excuse herself as she needed to visit the bathroom, she was dressed in a tea shirt, bra, slacks and knickers. Although through the hints she had received she was already pretty excited as her /nipples/large-nipples/">large nipples poking through her tea shirt could testify. Stephen showed her where the toilet was and told her to make her way up to the first bedroom on the left at the top of the stairs.

Rosey finished in the bathroom and slowly climbed the final flight of stairs to the bedroom; she could already hear the sounds of what turned out to be an /videos/adult-video/">adult video playing away. Above this she heard Stephen?s voice saying ?Remember you can not touch Rosey, unless she gives her permission!?

As she entered the room she saw three men all naked, in the corner she saw a chair facing the bed and on the opposite side of the bed was the TV and video playing way showing two guys engaged in mutual blow jobs. 

One guy (She learned later was called Terry) was laid on the bed, his 9 inch prick standing firm and proud, whilst Stephen was stood by his head and his 7 inch cock was being sucked by Terry. Meanwhile the third guy (Cyril) was knelt on the bed between Terry?s legs with his 10 inch prick slowly entering Terry?s arse. 

Stephen then indicated for Rosey to sit on white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie the chair and enjoy the show. Well what with the action on the bed and the video action playing away, Rosey was soon pinching her erect nipples through her tea shirt. Cyril then pulled out of Terry?s arse and removing the condom, walked slowly over to Rosey. He politely enquired if he could remove Rosey?s tea shirt and bra. Breathlessly Rosey agreed and was soon naked from the waist up. 

Cyril then asked if he may be allowed to play with Rosey?s aching nipples, she could only nod. Not wishing to miss any of the action taking place on the bed, where Stephen was forcefully fucking Terry?s mouth. She suddenly felt Cyril?s tongue flicking over her nipples as she saw Terry swallow the first spurts of Stephen?s load.

With rising passion, Rosey began moaning. Soon Terry licking his lips approached Rosey and asked for permission to remove the rest of her clothing. As she agreed, Cyril moved over to Stephen and had him kneel before offering his cock for him to suck. Quickly Rosey was stripped and led over to the bed. Lying down, she parted her legs with the minimum of persuasion as Terry then began kissing her inner thigh. He worked his way up towards her shaven pussy, causing her moaning to increase in both frequency and passion. Just Then Rosey felt a prick being guided into her right hand, just as her left hand wrapped around another solid piece of man meat.

She slowly began wanking these two pricks in unison. Feeling the bed move she glanced down between her legs to see Terry rolling a fresh condom on to his penis. She could not wait to feel this throbbing 9 inch member stretch her already soaking pussy. Feeling her cunt lips being parted as the hot feeling cock head began stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv to enter her pussy. Terry fucked her with great speed inducing several small cums from her before he announced he was coming.

He was quickly replaced by Stephen, who had pulled away from her left hand and already rolled a condom on to his 7 inch cock. He began pounding her pussy until they both came together in an earth shattering /climax/">climax. He too was soon replaced by Cyril and his majestic 10 inch cock, not only was this cock; the largest but also the fattest Rosey had ever taken. She was panting her way through another orgasm before he had slipped half his length up her soaking pussy.

Both Terry and Stephen had by now removed the used condom and were alternately feeding Rosey their cocks for her to suck. By the time Cyril?s condom covered cock spewed forth its heavy load, Rosey was begging them to stop and let her rest. Weakly she rose from the bed and plopped herself down in the chair as she watched a three man daisy chain sucking each others cocks.

The final act of this incredible /foursome/">foursome was when she watched Stephen take Terry?s cock up his arse whilst receiving Cyril?s up his arse. It was just like perpetual motion as Cyril thrust into Terry who thrust into Stephen and she saw Stephen?s cock twitching with excitement.

Although Rosey was invited back to enjoy the fun again, she never got the chance to do so, but the memory of the wild foursome lives deep with in her mind and frequently haunts her dreams. Often seeing one of the men as her husband.