The unexplainable investigation Part One

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The unexplainable investigation Part One

I had been working in the Detective Bureau for about four years. I was assigned to Homocide but I also handled violent crimes. It was a really nice day, I will never forget, it was warm and clear. For late February that was unusual. I was at my desk when the duty officer downstairs called.

"Duke this is Jackson at the desk. I got a woman here that wants to report that someone raped her this morning" he said with a question in his voice "she says it was her husband but it wasnt?" "Okay, that makes sense, I will be right down" I offered. In a few minutes I was in the lobby area of central headquarters. I saw Jaskson at the desk and he nodded to a woman sitting in the corner. She looked to be in her early thirties, white, black hair, nice complexion, medium build maybe 5-4" tall with an average figure. I started toward her when she stood up and extended her hand toward me "Hi, I am Alice Lacen, you must be the detective" she said with a half smile. I took her hand, "yes maam I am Detective Parrish" I offered.

First thing I noticed is that rape victim very rarely offer you their hand to shake and they dont like to make eye contact. "Lets go over to this room so we can talk" I offered and I started to lead her to an interview room. She just nodded and followed me over to the small room. It was about 12 foot square with nice furnishing in it. Not like the rooms where we interview suspects. This is set up to be comfortable, charming really with winged back chairs and end tables, nice pictures on the wall. The /camera/video-camera/">video camera is hidden in the wall and is activated my the button on the side of the chair that the interviewer sets it. We sat down and I pushed the switch right away.

"Well, Ms. Lacen I understand from Officer Jackson that you want to report that your husband raped you" I asked. She looked at me and turned a little red faced. "Yes and no" she said looking down. "Okay, well he either raped you or he didnt" I offered. "He did, but he wasnt my husband" she said. "So you were raped but it wasnt your husband" I asked. "No he looked like my husband but he wasnt him" she said. Now I was really confused "Okay, I tell you what, just tell me everything and we will figure this out" I said flatly. I was now thinking that I had a case for the mental ward.

She looked at me and half smiled as she said "I know that this sounds /crazy/">crazy but I swear I am tellin you the truth." I nodded and she proceeded to explain. "I have been married for just over 18 years to Brad. I think we have a good marriage but it is predictable as hell. We do the same thing every day. This morning was no different than any other. I am off on Tuesdays so I get the kids off then I see that Brad gets going to work. I then go up and take a shower, shave, and stuff like that. I then spend the day shopping, cleaning and sometimes relaxing. This morning was normal, I got the kids off and then Brad. I then locked the door and I went upstairs to get my day started. I was in the shower when I heard the bedroom door open. It had to be Brad, he was the only one with keys to the house so I called to him. I asked what he was doing back, was everything okay. He called back to me that everything was fine he just decided to spend some time with me. Now that is unusual for Brad or us." She looked at me to see if I was following her. I nodded "go on, please" I said.

"Well, I could not see Brad through the shower curtain but I could see his image on the curtain. Then he started to get into the shower with me! We have not showered together since before the kids were born! He pulled me close and kissed me then he took the soap and he started washing me! I could not figure out what he was up too" she said as I interrupted "You could see his face, it was your husband then." "Yes, it was his face but there is more" she continued. "After he finshed washing me, he reached around and turned off the water. He then took the towel and dried me off, then he dried himself. Hell, Detective, he even dried my feet! Then he took my hand and led me back to the bedroom. He directed me, naked, back to bed and he followed me. We never do it in the daylight" she exclaimed. I just nodded and she continued "He kissed me and started fondling me and then he went and started kissing my breasts. He has not done that in years. Then he went on down and he performed /oral/oral-sex/">oral sex on me" she said. "So far I do not see a problem or a crime Ms. Lacen" I said. "No, you dont understand" she said "he never, ever has done that before. He thinks that doing it to a woman is gross! Detective he did it until I climaxed not just once, but three times. I was begging him to stop and he kept doing it! My husband would never do that."

She then looked at the door and shook her head as she said "this is even crazier than I thought." "Please go on" I asked gently. "Brad likes for me to do oral sex on him and I was going too this time just to pay him back for doing it to me. Instead, when I started to try to get him to lay down he shook his head no and he turned me over onto my stomach. He never has sex this way. It has always been missionary style or nothing. Now he was rubbing my back and then my ass! He then lifted me my ass up so I was on my knees and he started...well fucking me. Look I know my husband" she exclained "his dick is not that big!" "This dick was at least 10 inches long! He was hitting my cervix and Brad never did that in our entire life. Plus he had staying power. Usually he cums like in ten strokes at the most and this guy was fucking me like a jack hammer! He was fucking me so hard that my head was banging into the headboard of the bed. Look, he was fucking me so hard it was hurting so I told him to stop that he was hurting me" she said gently. "I thought that when he finally stopped that it was over" she began again. "Instead, he pushed me face down and flat on the bed.

I am no prude but he has never done anything like this. The next thing I knew he was holding me down with one hand and shoving this /dick/big-dick/">big dick into my ass. It hurt so /bad/">bad I screamed to stop" she said with a crack in her voice. I offered her the box of tissues as she nodded and continued "He just kept shoving it in my ass, I felt like it was tearing me in two. Then he started fucking me and he was laying apartly on me so I could not move! He just kept pounding harder and harder on me. I could now feel his dick way up inside of me! I hurt so bad that I could not speak, I was crying and he just kept going and now he was all the way inside my ass and he was fucking me as hard as he could. Finally I could hear his breathing changing he was getting ready to cum. It was so deep in me that when he came I felt it deep inside! Then he would pull it almost all the way out then he would ram it all the way back in! Finally, he pulled it out and I just laid there, wimpering" she sobbed. "Then what happened" I asked.

"He got dresseed without saying a word and he left. But I did get to see his dick, and I knew it was not my husband. This guys dick was at least a foot long!" I looked at her and my notes the back at her. "What else can you tell me about the man or the incident" I asked. "I pulled myself together and I got up. I had to go to the bathroom so bad. When I made it to the bathroom I went to the bathroom like crazy. I did not think the cum would stop squirting out of my tail" she said. "When I finally composed myself I got mad as hell so I called him on his cell phone. He answered and I started yelling at him about what he had done. But he denied everything. He said he had been at work and had not come home. He told me to call the police and go to the hospital. But I was so confused and upset that I called my mom instead." "What did your mom say" I asked. "At first she did not believe me. Then she finally believed me and she told me to come down here and see someone."

She gave me a picture of her husband and I wrapped up the interview. "If you tell me too, I will file an offense report and I will investigate this fully. That means that I will charge your husband with spousal rape if I find the evidence" I said. She nodded in agreement. I then directed her to go to the hospital and get examined, explaining that she could have injuries that she did not know about. She finally agreed so I got one of our female officers to go with her for evidence. I then went back to my desk.

This case did not make sense. He looked like her husband but he wasnt? He did things to her that her husband never would have done? What did we have here, I wondered. "So you working an active rape case now" I heard from behind me. It was my watch commander, Captian Scott. He was actually younger than me, politics had pushed him up the chain of command. But he was a good supervisor and he knew to let me run my own without a lot of interference. "Yes sir real strange one though" I offered "A woman says that she was raped by a man that looked like her husband, but wasnt." He looked at me strangely and said "You need to check the reports from the last few days. They are hanging on the clipboard. We have had some others that you need to see."

I walked over to the rack with all the clipboards and I took down the one marked for Violent Crimes. I walked back to my desk as I started to thumb through the incident reports. Now I saw what the Captian was referring too. My new case now made the fifth case in three days. The first one was a woman reporting that someone who looked like her father had raped her. Problem was her father was in the ICU of a local hospital. xxx The next one was a woman reporting that her boyfriend had raped her. Problem there was that he was on duty with the fire department as an EMT at the time. The third was was a woman who works at the homeless shelter. She reported that she had been raped by the director. Problem was the director was in a room full of people at the time down at City Hall.

I then walked baok to the Captians office. "Okay, how do you want to handle this situation, sir" I asked. He laughed "I was hopeing that you had some idea" he countered. "None of them are the same suspect" he continued yet in a way they are" I offered. "Well, I was thinking that maybe you can take the lead on all of them" he offered. "You have good instincts and I think that there is something here. I just dont know what just yet" he said. "Can I have some help on this, I could use a womans point of view. And some of these woman would talk to another woman easier than me" I suggested. "Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Take the rookie, Linda Boggs, to work with you" he directed as he picked up the phone and punched in a few numbers then he spoke into the phone "Tell Boggs to get up to my office now.

In a few minutes she appeared in the squad room. She was in her early twenties, black hair pulled back, medium tan skin, nice figure and dressed in a tan jacket and pants. She had been a cop for about three years and was supposed to be a karate expert. She was assigned to the Bureau on a temporay assignment to give uniforms a chance to see how we work. She walked into the office "You wanted me sir" she said. "Yeah, until this is concluded you are working for Duke here. Listen and learn he is one of the best! Any problems let me know" he directed "Now get to work and solve this stuff ASAP" he said to me. We turned and headed back to my desk.

"You can use the desk across from me" I said "Stan is on leave for a few weeks and he wont mind." She nodded and moved to the opposite side of the desk. Like most police stations the furniture is metal painted gray. Nothing special and neither are the chairs. She sat down and I handed her the clipboard. "Read these rape cases and set up a file for each of them. I want to track each one seperate. Also call over to the different hospitals and get copies of the paperwork. I want to know what the /doctor/">doctor porn videos download knows. Any questions, ask" I said. "Yes, sir" she responded. "Dont call me sir, its just yes or yes Duke here" I countered. She just smiled and nodded.

As soon as she had finished the first file I took it to review. The woman was twenty-three and her father was forty-eight. He had been admited to the ICU that afternoon with a heart attack. She had just gotten home from work and had not found out about her father yet. She reported that he had knocked on her door. She let him in. She told the reporting officer that he had acted funny when he came in. Did not talk much, just forced her onto the couch and assaulted her. I needed to talk to the victim so I closed the file and stood up as I spoke "Lets hit the road and go talk to victim one." Linda turned and got up and we headed out.