One Night Thing

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
One Night Thing

As we all left work for the evening we always walked to the garage together to play it safe. My name is Sharon and living alone in today’s world as a thirty seven year old working /mom/">mom is tough but it has its moments and I guess this story is one of them. I climb into my old 1983 dodge and had a bit of trouble starting it. Gary one of the wwwxxx the people that I work with came over and asked if all was well but I just looked at him and said that I had no way home that my piece of junk finally died. He said that they, Gary, Bridget, Colleen and Mary were going for some drinks and I should go with them and assured me that one of them will surely drive me home but I told him that I will just call triple A and wait for the tow. He smiled, let me use his cell phone to call and when I was through he asked if I was sure and I assured him I was. 

I called for the tow truck and they told me they would be there in an hour and I waited. 

As I looked around I noticed there was hardly no cars left in the place and it was getting a little dark and scary. I heard footsteps coming towards me and that frightened me more and at the same moment, as I turned around to look I felt a hand on my shoulder and that startled me. It was Phil, my boss who was the last to leave and he saw a pathetic me sitting there and walked over and asked if I needed a ride but I told him I was waiting for the truck and he smiled and went on his way.

All I kept thinking about was my husband was going to kill me and it was getting late. I should of called him when I had the chance but just forgot. I laid my head back and started drifting away and that’s when a man in a dark grey suit approached me and asked if I was ok. I explained my situation and he said that the least he could do was sit and wait with me. I didn’t know the man but he sure was welcome to sit with me. He asked me about my life, you know small talk and we talked for an hour and still no tow truck. He asked if I wanted a ride and I told him no but by this point in time I really just wanted to be home. ’Nonsense ’he said and convinced me to take the ride so I left with him. He was a very persuasive man who just refused to take no for an answer. As we pulled out of that dark and musty place I noticed he was wearing a great smelling perfume and to keep up the conversation I asked him what it was. He told me it was a special sent imported from Africa and very expensive. He added that it was supposed to be an aphrodisiac but he just liked the way it smelled. I smiled and said ’so did I’. 

He asked me if I would mind wwwxxx if he stopped at the rest area and got some coffee and washed up. He explained that he had been working on a project at work since four in the morning to meet a deadline and was dead tired and needed a pick me up. I told him he should stop and we did. He came back with coffee for two and donuts and we sat and enjoyed our welcomed feast. I had another hour before I arrived home and he was so nice to go out of his way to take me I just didn’t want to seem ungrateful. I noticed when he refreshed himself he added more of that great cologne and the smell was intoxicating me. He put his head back and said he just needed to rest his eyes for a minute or two and I just sipped my coffee and waited.

About fifteen minutes passed and he was fast asleep and I didn’t have the heart to wake him but if I wanted to get home I needed to. As I bent over to wake him gently I smelled the cologne even more. It was on his jacket collar and I took a moment to get a good smell. I took in a deep breath of it and it overwhelmed me as I smelled it over and over again. 

I don’t know what came over me but I started rubbing his cock through his pants and although it wasn’t huge it was hard. Smell after smell rub after rub and this man still wasn’t waking up. I really was into the moment now and didn’t care if he woke up or not but I wanted him to know how grateful I was for all he was doing. I slowly unzipped his pants and out popped his hard on. I started sucking away and that’s when he started waking up. He looked at me and smiled and started undoing my bra and when he felt my tits all hell broke loose. I was an animal. He laid his seat back and I climbed on him and we started fucking like two animals in the woods, not caring if anyone was around. My ass was humping furiously and the look on his face was making me even more animalistic. He told me he was going to cum and I said it was alright that I was on the pill and at that moment he let loose inside of me all his hot juices and that filled me good. As I dismounted cum poured out of me and he handed me a towel from the glove box and we cleaned up and went on our merry way just as if nothing happened. I will always cherish that night as one of the all time sexual encounters of my life. 

We pass each other in the hall at work sometimes and smile at one an other but we both know it was just a one night thing.