First Ejaculation Part II

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
First Ejaculation Part II

It was about 7:00pm when I made it over to Joe's house. We set up the tent in his back yard, got the sleeping bags and flashlights. We screwed around til about 10:00 befor we hit the tent.

Joe's parents and sisters had gone to bed and it was obvious that Larry wasn't going to make it over. I leaned later that Larry had called Joe and filled him in on my /wrestling/">wrestling mat experience.

Joe snuck back into his house and retrieved his backpack of hidden treasures. He had copies of Penthouse, Playboy, and Hustler. Being the your lads that we were this was the closest any of us were going to get to a naked girl.

Going through the magazines we both got immediate erections. I was half embarrassedby it buy Joe was acting like it was no big deal. The next thing I know Joe is starting to rub himself through his jeans. Joe ask me "do you want to get out our cloths and get ready for bed?" I hesitated for a bit, I wasembarrassed about the /boner/">boner I had going. Joe stripped down to his underware and was sitting crossleged ontop of his sleeping bag taking in the porno shots from the Hustler magazine. I could see his boner through hisunderware. Surprisingly he looked much smaller than I thought he would be.

I finally stripped down to my underware which made it much more comfortable for it was a hot summer night and the magazines were raising mytemperature a bit.

Next thing I know Joe is taking off his underware and laying back jacking off. Joe says "Aren't you going to join me? It's time we start having some fun." After blowjob porn videos hesitating a bit I slid my underware off and sat there for a minute watching Joe jack off. Then I layed back and started to slowly stroke my dick and watch Joe as he erupted. Spurts of white cum shot out of the end of his cock all over his stomach. I slowly continued to stroke myself while Joe cleaned up.

When Joe finished cleaning up he sat up and slid next to me. "Let me help you with that" and he reached over and took hold of my cock and started stroking. His touch was much different from Larry's, but it felt good. He stroked me faster and faster, I could feel my ballstightening up and I errupted another load for the day. Joe slowed his strokes, squezed and milked it dry. He threw me the towel to clean up with and we just layed there for a few minutes.

After resting Joe goes "do you want to have some more fun?" "Sure, what do you want to do now?" He tells me he got a couple of Tampax's from his mom's bathroom. "We will put these up our buts, it feel real good" I told him I had never seen these before and have no idea how to do it. He tells me to watch him and he would show me. He pulled the applicator out of the package, I swear this had to be at least six inches long and about the size of a nickle. The package said "super tampax" on it.

Joe layed down on his stomach and put the end of the applicator up to his anal opening. Next he pushed half of it inside his rectum. He stopped at this point and rested a minute before he pushed the second half of the applicator in, which he told me inserted the tampon. He removed the cardboard applicator and all that remained was the string sticking out of his ass.

Joe tells me to lay down and he would help me. "It takes a little practice to get it down. Usually you're too tight at first" Joe had me lay down on my stomach and he pulls out a jar of vasoline from his back pack. He tells me to reach around and spread my cheeks for him. He has the flash light so close to my crotch that I can feel the heat on my balls. Now I feel him put a dab of the vasaline on my /butts/butt-hole/">butt hole. It feels real cool, he starts to rub it around a bit, his fingure feel real good, next I feel pressure as he tries to insert his figure in me. I'm real tight, and a bit /scared/">scared. Joe reasures me it's not going to hurt and it's going to feel good. He tells me to relax and enjoy it. It did feel good, it was a sensation I had not encountered before and I was enjoying it. Next thing I knew his fingure slid into my ass. First up to his first knuckle, he slowly rotated it around and then could feel that I was relaxing a bit. He pushed it in further, up to his second knuckle and stopped for a minute.

He tells me to let go of my cheeks and put my hads above my head and just try to relax. I did and it helped me to relax my spintcer muscle. Slowly he pushed his fingure in as far as it would go. He pushed it in and out getting me to get use to it and it was feeling awsom. Then he pulled it out. "There, you'r good and lubed up" Joe then took the tampax and had me hold my cheeks apart. Joe slowly inserted the tampax in my ass, pushing the first half of the applicator in and then inserting the tampon. Joe then pulled the applicator out and said "that's not that /bad/">bad, is it?" I told him it didn't hurt too much. It was a full sensation, it was wierd but felt good.

I asked him why we were doing this and he told my to loosen ourselves up and get use to the feeling. That we were going to have some fun in a little bit. We layed there talking for a short time when Joe sat up and slid over by me. He started to stroke my dick and rub my balls. I asked him " are we going to jack off again?" He said "no, we are going to have some other fun. But you need to get hard first."

Well it didn't take but about two minutes with him stroking me. Once I got good and hard Joe tells me to keep stroking my dick for a minute. Joe goes and removes the tampon from his ass. I asked him if I should take mine out and he tells me to leave it in for now. Joe comes over with the vasoline and puts a thin coat on my dick. "I want you to put it in my ass. I want you to fuck me." He rolls over and spreads his cheeks apart. I put the flashlight between his legs so I could see what I was doing. I put the head of my dick right at the opening of his ass. "What now?" I asked. He said start pushing real slow. As I started to push I could feel the resistance. As I pushed forward his ass pushed back towards me. All of a sudden I was compleatly in him, he was so tight, it felt so good, like nothing I had milf porn videos ever experienced. We just layed there for a minute. "What do we do now?" I asked. He said start pumping slowly. I started fucking him very slowly at first building up speed. I swear it was less than a minute and I told him I'm going to come. Joe says go ahead, come inside my ass. With one very deep stroke I exploded inside him, I could here him grone. I pumped a few more times until my load was drained. I just collapsed on top of him and we both just layed there.

After a few minutes I pulled out and just rolled off him. We both layed there and talked about how good it felt. He told me that it was better than the tampon. With that he had me roll over. Joe then proceeded to remove the tampon from my ass. I rolled back over and we just layed there for a few minutes. I asked Joe if he wanted to try and put it inside of me. Joe says "roll over and we will give it a try." 

Joe strokes himself to a full /erection/">erection. He put a layer of vasoline all over his dick and tells me to hold my cheeks apart. I'm laying on my stomach, cheeks apart when I feel the tip of his dick against my /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole. He starts to push and all I can do is tighten up. After a few attemps we figure out this is not going to work. Joe has me turn over on my hands and knees. He spreads my legs a bit and inserts his fingure into my ass as he is massaging my balls. Then he kneels behind me and trys to slide his dick in me. This didn't work either. I was just too tense for him to get it in.

Joe says "we are going to try one more thing". He tells me to roll over on my back and pull my knees up to my chest. He scoots up real close and inserts his fingure in me. This time with my ass spread wide it goes in real easy. Joe lubes up his dick one more time and my ass hole. He puts my legs over his shoulders and has me spread my cheeks apart. He puts the head of his dick up against my ass hole, pushes back on my legs towards my chest, and slides his cock deep inside me. After the inital pain it started to feel good. He started to pump my ass slowly at first and steadily increasing his strokes. He started to pull out further and further each time, pushing in further and further with each stroke. He was slamming his balls against my ass hole and I was in another world with the pleasure. 

Joe lasted a lot longer that I did, but when he errupted I felt the warm cum deep inside my ass. It was a sensational feeling. After he finished unloading himself inside me he just stopped pumping me. He was still hard as a rock.

Joe reached down and took ahold of my rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock and started stroking me while he was still inside me. I thought I was going to explode it felt so good. I reached behind him and grabed his ass and pulled him in tight to me. He continued to stroke me harder and faster until I exploded. He pumped me until I was dry. Then he pulled out of my ass.

We both cleaned up and just layed there for a while. I told him I had one hell of a day getting broke in by both Larry and him. I told him it was great and I couldn't wait until we did it again!