Matt and Me at the Hotel

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Matt and Me at the Hotel

I am 5foot 4, long legged, . I met up with my Boyfriend Matt, and we headed to this hotel, just down the road. We got inside our room, and i turned and locked the door, shut the curtains and head over to him. We kiss passionately for a bit, then i slowly unbutton his shirt. As soon as it is off he grabs my dress and rips it over my head, he grabs me by the breasts and pulls me in close to him. Kissing me once again but only quickly this time. He unclipped my bra and starts to suck each nipple roughly. I grab his pants and pull them down, exposing his huge bulge in his boxers.

I grab the bulge and rub it up and down until Matt started to moan. He reached and grabbed my silver g-string, pulling it down. Sliding his finger down my pussy lips and feels how wet i am. He rubs and kisses my cleanly shaven pussy and pushed me onto the couch, rubbing my clit as i lay there in heaven. I pull him away and pull down his boxers. Out pops his 9inch penis, nearly fully hard. I lick the xnxxv sunny leone video head of his cock teasing him, until he grabbed the back of my head and pushed me down onto his cock. Taking all 9 inches into my mouth.

Matt pulls real forced anal against her will my head up and down on his cock giving him pleasure and moaning. He pulls my head off his cock and stands me up. I am instructed to lay on my back with my legs out wide. I do what i am told. Matt gets his dick and rubs it up and down on my clit teasing me. I am moaning loudly, waiting for him to push his dick inside of me. He pulls his cock away and shoves it down my throat then shoves it into my pussy, all 9inches at once. I scream in pain and pleasure.

He slowly thrusts into me at first, and then getting faster. Matt was thrusting so hard that i was screaming my head off, like he was trying to reach my stomach. Every thrust he hit my G-spot. We change positions and i am on top lining my pussy up, for his cock to slid in. I ease my way onto his cock and start to hump away. His balls jumping up and down, and his cock pumping out its own pulse. I hump on his dick fast. He yells out he is going to come! I jump off him and suck his dick into the last part of orgasm. He reaches and squirts his load in my mouth and all over my face.

I lick his dick clean. And rub him until he is hard again. He puts his dick back into my pussy and fucks me until i reach climax, when i reached climax he did to and we both cummed at the same time, and collapsed onto the bed, with his cum flooding out of my pussy.