Saving a sex life

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Saving a sex life

Every summer I worked in a beach shore community called stone lake. I life guarded at a nudist resort and for the most part got to work on my tan while being paid. This year was different, the owners had decided to add a kiddie pool and therefore another lifeguard, Ian. 62, all muscles, tan, black hair, blue eyes and thanks to my job the first day I met him I knew we would be a perfect match, his cock was long and thick with the hair trimmed. I gave him a little hug when I was introduced and felt it press against my stomach. As I showed him around the place his eyes wandered down more often than they caught my eyes. Because the season hadn?t started yet it was only he and I for a few hours as I showed him where everything was. 

When we got to the towel closet, a large room with 3 washers and dryers and about a million towels, I jumped up on a dryer and turned it on, feeling the warmth and vibrations tickle my lips. I smiled and told him how to use it; I spread my legs to open the door and show him inside but left them that way so he could wonder what was inside me. He leaned forward between my legs and pointed to a button asking me what it did, as he leaned closer to ask about another, I felt his slightly /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock press against my lips. I gave a little moan and told him it was the fast cycle, he pressed it and the dryer purred shaking my entire body. I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself but it seemed obvious he was thinking what I was. I scooted forward to see if he would move back or take my advance and I felt his cock push its way just barely inside my lips. My brain went on overdrive and my body shook a little without the help of the dryer. I hadn?t had sex in a week and for me that was a lifetime. I looked into his eyes trying to read his expression. Finally I felt his hands on my hips and he slightly lifted me and pulled me closer. His cock was thick and long so it took a while before he could get it all the way inside me. He set a towel behind me and I laid back on it slightly propped against the wall and he laid my legs over his shoulders. The warmth and vibrations from the dryer were enough to get me totally soaked but then feeling all of him inside me sent me over the line. He smiled and mentioned what luck we had that we were surrounded by towels as he laid one under my hips letting my juices fall down on it. Hethrusted in and out slowly and laid his hands on my bouncing tits. 

With every pull out my pussy shrunk back a little and then was pulled open again as he thrusted back in. I couldnt help but moan every time it filled me back up. He squeezed my tits a little then leaned down and licked one softly, I moaned even louder and he gave it a little nibble, the more he did, the louder I moaned and the faster and harder he thrusted. He bit down and pulled my nipple up and I clung to the sides of the dryer as my body filled with his cum. My back arched and my body alain lyle porn shook even more as my cum met his. 

He thrusted in and out a few more times and I finally relaxed. He pulled out and I could see that he had gone almost completely soft. He leaned down over me and softly indian santali xvideo kissed my neck as I felt his fingers tickle my clit. He kissed down my neck and onto my chest softly kissing the bright pink nipple. 

He looked up and gave the other one a little nip and my body jolted. He kissed lower and lower until he was at my clit where he softly licked "its swollen maam Im going to have to further investigate this piece" he gave it another flick of the tongue and then ran his teeth just barely across it. "Just as I thought, you still have some cum left in you Im going to have to get that out." 

He pressed his thumb against my clit as his mouth moved lower softly licking our cum out of me as little bits continued to leak out. He reached up with his other hand and began to roll my nipple between two fingers as he did the same to my clit. My body locked and I felt a hot wave of cum drip down my thighs. 
He quickly lapped it up and then kissed back up my stomach and chest pausing to suck on my poor abused nipple. 

"So thats the towel closet, feel free to help me out in here any time" I told him with a wink.