Picnic Birds

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Picnic Birds

I am a woman of thirty-four, and up until recently I led a normal life. Happy marriage, one kid,friends,the whole things. I never thought of my self as anything but straight. in fact, the only time I was ever unfaithful to my husband was with a man I met on a bussiness /trip/">trip years ago. I enjoyed it a lot. And I enjoy sex with my husband too.So I m not realy a lesbian or anyhing. At least I wasnt until I met Geetha.

I met her last week, t a PTA picnic.Yes, shes married too, with kid, but she doesnt make any bones about being attracted to /women/">women.She came right out and told me, after wed been chatting for while.Here we were going on abou our kidsand our husbands did and the school and everything, and all of sudden she says, "Youre very attractive, Sabitha.And very sexy.Id love to have you in bed."
I couldnt belive my ears.I just stared at her.She smiled."soory if I shocked you," she said."i just dont see any purpose in beating about the bush.Dont be embarrassed.If youre not interested, thats okay.But if you are,I thing we could have agreat time."

I didnt know what to say."I-Im not-"I stammerd."I mean. I-I never-"
"theres always a /first-time/">first time."Geetha said."Do you think Im attractive?"

The thing is , she really was attractive./blonde/">blonde hair to her shoulders.Black eyes.Pretty face.And I had to say, a very good figure.Better than mine."You are.But youre a woman,Geetha,and Im- dont think of women in that awy.Im sorry."

She was wearing shorts,and as I looked after her I found myself noticing the shapelines of her rear,and how nice her long legs looked.I caught myself up,wonering what was wrong with me.
I kept thinking about Geetha,and what she said.And when I did I remembered how she looked in those shorts,and in the snug pullover she had worn,which outlined her high round breasts.I was shocked at my own thoughts.Surely didnt actually want to...

And then one night babu and I were making love,and while he was kissing my body I started thinking about Geetha.I tried to block her out of my mind,but I coulnt.Babu went down on meand I closed my eyes and started imagining it was Geethas mouth down there,Geethas tongue licking my pussy,stroking my clit.And when I came it was all I could do to keep from crying out Geethas name.
To make up for it,I gave him of the best head I knew how to give,and after he came down my throat I kept sucking him till he was hard again,and then I fucked him like /crazy/">crazy.We both came again.and I figured that would get Geetha out of my mind for good.

xxx sex video download free com But it didnt.
It was just yesterday that I saw her again,on the strre while we were both out shopping.We went toa starbuks and had coffe together.
"Hve you been thinking about me?" she asked me.

"No." I said.I could see she didnt belive me."All right.Yes.I have to understand it.Im-"
"You dont have to understand,Sabitha:Just go with your feelings.You want me,I want you.Listen,we can go to my place right now.Theres no one there."
"Oh my god,"I said."Icant believe this.Im wet."
"So am I,"Geetha said."lets go."

I had never kissed a woman before.Not like that.Like a lover.Geethas tongue was in my mouth,and her hands were on my breasts,and I was moaning.Then she was undressing me.When I was naked she sat me down on the bed and knelt down on the floor of me and spread my legs apart and put her mouth on my crotch.It was like I had fantasized it when Babu was doing it, nly better.I felt back on the bed and pushed my crotch harder againt her face and started screaming.I came almost instantly,and when she didnt stop I came again.Then she stopped.

"Want to do it to me?" she said.

I just nodded.I couldnt speak.Geetha stood up and ook her clothes off an got onto the bed with me.When I swa that beautiful naked body I went crazy.I wanted to devour it.I started licking and sucking on her breasts.I couldnt get enough of them.I kissed and licked my way down over her stomach.I slid my mouth over her thighs.I wanted to eat all of her.I settled for her pussy.
I didnt know if I was doing it right,but Geetha seemed to like it.I breathed in the strange rousing scent of her,mouthing and licking and nibbling.I stuck my tongue as deeply as into her pussy as I could get it,while meantime my hands were running all over body.Iloved thefeel of her skin,the smooth softness of her flesh,the hardness of her nipples.I heard her moaning softly,and it made me happy that I was pleasing her.I kept it up until her body shuddered,and I happy up the juices that flowed from her pussy.

She pulled me up to her and we lay in each others arms."That was great,"Geetha said."Do you wnt me to fuck you,baby?
"F-fuck me? You men--"
"You know, a dildo.I have a nice strap-on."
"Oh god."I said."This is so- I mean dont even know what Im doing here.God,if babu ever--"
"He dosesnt have to know,"Geetha said."But you never know,he might not be as uptight about it as you think.I mean,Raju doesnt mind at all."

I stared at her. "Your husband? He- he knows aout..."
"Oh yes.He knew when he married me that I ws bi.Hes fine with it. HE even likes to wath,when its cool with other girl."
"Jesus!" I said, startled."HEs not- he doesnt--"
"No, relax,baby,"Geetha laughed."I wouldnt play tricks on you.Raju doesnt know,and I wont tell him if you dont want me to.But ifyou were interested some time in a threesome.."
"No,"I said,but I was getting excited in spite of myself."Oh god, Geetha,what are you doing to me?"
"I dont know,but I like it,"Geethasaid."And so do you.Kiss me,baby."

I kissed her.This time it was my tongue that was the aggressor.I moaned into her moutha nd pushed my body against hers.Then U was laying on top of her,our breasts pressed sexxxx video ful hd together,the whole length of our bodies touching.I began to writhe against her as the kiss went on.I could feel my pussy hair brushing hers,and I hunched my back,trying to rub my clitories against her.Geethas legs opended and she arched her body,humping up at me.Breaking the kiss,I sat up,sliding one leg between hers,pushing our crotches together,then lay down facing the other way,so that we were scissoring each others body.We both cried out as our pussies rubbed together,and then we were squirming and twisting,humping our bodies and brinding away at each others clit,groaning and panting.

I screamed again when I came,and Geetah cried out almost simultaneously.I lay there stunned for while before crawling back into her arms.

That night- last night-I made to Babu.It was just as good as always.But it wasnt the same.I wondered if I should tell him about Geetha,but I realized that Babu is not like Raju.He would be shocked,and probaly angry enough to want a divorce or somthing.I love him,and I dont want to lose him.So I wont tell him.

But iI know I will be seeing GEetha again.With or without Raju.I cant get her out of my mind.And I dont think I ever will.